You Need To Try This Plantain Sauce For Rice

There are so many plantain recipes and there are several sauce recipes but have you tried plantain sauce? I mean sauce made with plantain as the major ingredient? With rice? You probably wondering what it tastes like and considering giving it a try huh? Okay, here’s the recipe: First of all, prepare your rice and set aside before you proceed …

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Nigerian Fried Rice And Beans Recipe

I am a really big fan of fried rice especially when its well cooked but not marshy. The awesomeness of fried rice rich in vegetables is like heaven. But, about two months ago, on a beautiful sabbath with my vegetarian sister and friend, I prepared a food, unique in it’s kind and taste; Fried rice and beans. When they came …

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How To Make Clove Basil Beef Stew

The major ingredients for Clove Basil ‘Beef Stew’ includes Beef and Clove Basil leaves. Clove basil, Ocimum gratissimum is a plant with high nutritional value. It has anti oxidating and anti aging properties as well as ability to reduce inflammation and swelling. More so, it possess characteristic strong clove scent because of its high concentration of the chemical agent eugenol. …

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How To Make Egg Snack

egg snack

Eggsnack is one recipe just like omelette but, with a slight twist. It is my favorite egg recipe and goes well with bread and noodles. Cut big bread loaf into two unsplitted parts and put a roll of egg snack in. Take a bite, top with tea and find your heaven here on earth. INGREDIENTS For making EGG SNACK: (can …

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DIY- How To Prepare A Smoothie At Home

Preparing a smoothie is one easy task every one should know how to. Especially, if you are a fruit lover of which I do not se any reason why anyone should not be. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods we have in this world. They contain vast amount of vitamins needed by our body to stay healthy and younger. …

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Food Profile and Recipe: Green Burrito

Green Burrito was first prepared in Mexico. I was searching for various ways I can take my avocado pear and I found this food that looks like shawarma but with different filling . A burrito is a type of Mexican food, consisting of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling. The flour tortilla is usually …

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How To Make Gbegiri (Bean Soup) In The Yoruba Way


Gbegiri is a typical Yoruba soup whose primary ingredient is beans. Some parts of Yoruba land usually take this soup with ewedu while others take it ordinary or seasoned with bitter leaf (ewuro). Along side ewedu, it is a signatory soup of the people of Oyo state, Nigeria. They take the soup with a meal called ‘amala’. Gbegiri is rich …

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