DIY- How To Prepare A Smoothie At Home

DIY- How To Prepare A Smoothie At Home

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Preparing a smoothie is one easy task every one should know how to. Especially, if you are a fruit lover of which I do not se any reason why anyone should not be. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods we have in this world.

They contain vast amount of vitamins needed by our body to stay healthy and younger. Who doesn’t like to look younger? No one! Thus, check out the recipe for a smoothie and make it your self at home. You’re not bounded by fruit types. You can use any fuitt that is not hard. Even, Some people add nuts to their smoothies. So, long as the blender us able to crush it. Anything goes.image


A blender

Fruits of choice(either frozen or fresh)

Milk: To give a thicker consistency

Food flavor; I prefer vanilla

Clean water


1. Wash your preferred fruit(s) properly

2. If you love to take fruit skins, slice fruit into bits to aid easy blending. Otherwise, squeeze out the juice.

3. Clean your blender

4. Put fruits inside the blender ensuring you put in just as much as it can take for easy blending

5. Blend until smooth

6. Add in milk, flavor and blend

6. Refrigerate for some minutes and serve chilled.

Do have a smoothie week ahead!

By Femi Amusan