How to Prepare Soya Milk Drink at Home

Soy milk recipe

Soya milk is non-diary milk made from soybeans and it is a good milk alternative for individuals who do not consume dairy or animal products. As good of a substitute as it is, it should be noted that the taste of cow milk is different from soya milk. However, the amazing health benefits of soya milk make me cherish this …

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Plain Groundnut Sauce

plain groundnut soup served with rice

The plain groundnut sauce is a simple go-to recipe that can serve as accompaniment for a variety of meals and can be suited to any cook’s delight. For instance, you can use lots of protein in the recipe or you can choose to have it ‘plain’ as the name implies. You can add diced peppers or you can stay away …

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How to Cook Groundnut Soup

Nigerian groundnut soup

My first encounter with groundnut soup was at a former place of work where my boss always ate white rice accompanied with plain groundnut sauce and fish stew. The sauce had a rich taste of groundnut which was a little spicy and made a great fit for the white rice. This plain groundnut sauce is quite different from the Edo …

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Golden Melon Seeds and Other Edible Seeds

golden melon seeds are edible

On my popular post, 10 Important facts about golden melon, there has been a lot of questions about the edibility of the golden melon seeds. Hence, I find it necessary that we answer the question, “is golden melon seed edible?” If yes, should you include it in your diet? Fruits usually contain a rich amount of nutrients which are often …

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How to Prepare Low Sugar Whole-grain Cookies

Observing the rate of prevalence of diabetes in the world, these low sugar whole-grain cookies are a necessity for controlling blood glucose level. According to statistics from WHO, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in 2016 and this disease accounted for 1.6 million deaths globally. The prevalence of diabetes is said to be rising more rapidly in low- …

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How to Prepare Yummy Restaurant-type Nigerian Meat Pie at Home

nigerian meat pie

After jollof, the next thing I often look forward to in any new restaurant in town is their meat pie. I like to taste it, feel the meat, flour, butter, and every ingredient used, melt in my mouth. However, sometimes, circumstances like covid-19 prevent restaurants from opening even while there’s the desire to eat Nigerian meat pie or the need …

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Foodiedame at 6

2190 days of food blogging

Foodiedame clocked 6 on the 31st of May and I had no idea until 1st of June. When I saw the notification on WordPress, I told my boyfriend that I wouldn’t be talking about it because I deserted the blog for over a year and I am only just getting activities back on the blog. Also, I have lost the …

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