Everything You Need to Know about Dried Fruits

Everything You Need to Know about Dried Fruits

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As a method of preservation and value addition, fruits and vegetables are dried to make chips which can be incorporated into meals in diverse forms.

Dried fruits and vegetables which are often made by dehydration are commonly packed and served as snacks in plastic bags. They can be added to cereals to serve as sweeteners and healthy meal and can be blended into powder to be used for smoothies.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits have most of the nutrition value of fresh fruits. Compared to fresh fruits, dried fruits such as red and green apples, golden melon, strawberry, offer longer shelf life and portability. They generally contain more fiber than the same serving of their fresh counterparts and fiber is important for the digestive system health.

As little as the fat content of fresh fruits is, dried fruits contain lesser fat. However, they have a reputation for high sugar content which even makes them a perfect and healthy bid for sugar lovers. They maintain significant calories per serving. They serve as a handy natural source of energy for athletes as well as a good supplement for people seeking to gain weight.

Dried mango and dried pineapple
Dried mango and pineapple served with whipped cream by Laalfifarms

Fruits that are dried can stay for weeks without getting bad. This, makes it possible to have your favorite fruits on and off-season.

Drying fruits can be done in several ways. From oven drying to drying with a microwave. None produces the best result as using the kitchen tool made specifically for the task-A dehydrator. However, dried fruits can also be gotten from reputable food product makers.

My cousin and a group of friends tasted some dried fruits produced by my friend, Firo and they loved it. Firo is the best dried fruits maker that I know. That woman makes such good products with no additives. You might find dried fruits that contain sulfur dioxide which is added to retain the fruit’s color and flavor online. But Firo of Laalfi Farms doesn’t do that. Yet, her fruits look and taste superb and make me crave for fruit chips.

As a foodie, aside from experimental reason and my usual desire for a personal practical experience of preparing a food, I am not particular about drying fruits myself. Because, food particularly snacks is best enjoyed when it is not prepared by one’s self.

My aunt’s chinchin always tastes fabulous in my mouth while mine only tastes fabulous after about 3days from making it when I must have gotten over the stress of the process. And, that’s why I prefer Firo’s dried fruits! She saves me from the preparation stress while giving me some fabulous fruits to snack on. She often package dried mango, dried pineapple, dried strawberries, dried golden melon and many others.

Now, that I’ve given you some importance of dried fruits in your life and gisted you about my best dried fruits and it’s maker, if you’ll like to dry your fruits yourself, indicate in the  comment section by asking for the recipes. However, if you are in Nigeria and want Firo’s superb dried fruits, use the subscribe form and request for more details about Laalfifarms dried fruits by using the comment section. Firo also sells bulk dried fruit. Yay!

Aside Laalfifarms, we also have a couple other dried fruits brands in Nigeria. Brands that make smaller packages and dry other fruits. You can check Korayday’s post for a long list of this brands.

Do not write out your email in the comment section. Just follow the instruction above. My newsletter to you will contain the needed details on how to get the fruit packs.

  1. And this is the first I’m ever hearing of dried fruits tbh. Is that really a picture of dried apple? I should love to know how that’ll taste like

    • Oluchi… it’s good to have you here again. That is a picture of dried red apple and it tastes crunchy and sweeter than the fresh apple because of dried sugar content.