Indigenous Fruits

Is Ackee Good For You? Safety, Nutrition and Recipes


A friend recently uploaded a picture of ackee apple on her status and it reminded me that this is the period of the year (Early rains around May/June) when this fruit can be found ripened in many fruit gardens or random yards with the ackee tree. The ackee apple otherwise called ‘Akee’ is famously known in SouthWestern Nigeria as ‘Ishin’. …

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The Mountain Apple, Known As ‘Local Apple’

The Mountain Apple, known as ‘local apple’  is a pink coloured fruit with white pulp and a seed. It is botanically known as Syzygium malaccense. In different parts of the world, names such as “rose apple”, “water apple” or “plum rose” are sometimes used for this fruit. The fruit is pear-shaped with pink skin color, with some pinkish white and …

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