The Blog

Foodiedame’s blog was set up in 2014 with the goal of educating its visitors about food recipes and indigenous fruits that can be found in the streets of Nigeria. Over the years, the website has achieved this goal with more than 80 blogposts covering mostly recipes and fruits from Nigeria but also recipes and fruits from Asia, Europe and America.

The average post on the blog contains a recipe and a story associated with the recipe. Occasionally, these stories might be some motivating content to inspire readers before or while they try out the food described. In many cases, these stories include histories of food or food ingredients mentioned. This diversity of content on the website is spurred by the belief that food has no borders. Over the years, as part of cultural heritages that get spread through different means of migration, different food and food ingredients have been transferred between regions of the world, making it possible for Africans to experience Asian food cultures and Europeans to experience African food cultures. As people move, their food moves with them, exposing people of other cultures to new dining possibilities.

For Foodiedame, this borderless nature makes it fascinating to embrace and write about the diverse possibilities that can be encountered with food. This is why even though the blog started in Nigeria and its author- Damilola Aladesuru is Nigerian, its content goes beyond just Nigerian foods. On the blog, there are recipes of pastries such as French macarons and descriptions of fruits such as Golden melon that are not Nigerian. The hope is that readers of this blog will find something unique and fascinating that they can learn about food whenever they land on any of the blog pages.

The Author

Every content of this blog is authored by Damilola Aladesuru and because it is tedious to write about oneself in third person pronoun, permit me to not use ‘she’ or ‘they’ to describe myself.

I am a food, motivational and lifestyle blogger and researcher. Aside from foodiedame, I have a second blog- theconcernedgirlfriend which is dedicated to promoting a cause of telling the stories of women. These two blogs are my babies and side projects.

Professionally, I am an agricultural sociologist with BSc. in agricultural extension and rural development and MSc. in agricultural economics. In the past few years, based on my work on this website and its associated social media pages, I have had the opportunity to work on developing and improving the digital marketing processes of agricultural firms in Nigeria.

I enjoy working on research projects related to improving farmers’ livelihoods and in 2019, in an attempt to bridge the large gap in the Nigerian agricultural job market, I started Farm Recruits where I connected with farmers and agribusinesses to potential employees who could join them in achieving their farm objectives. Managing this startup was tedious for me because I was a low-income earner, trying to survive, struggling to perform both HR and agricultural responsibilities. So, I quitted and archived this startup idea here. Maybe someday, I would find an HR partner willing to build this with me again. Until then, I am an agricultural researcher with an interest in projects targeted towards improving rural farmers livelihood and rural women’s empowerment in agriculture.

At the end of the day, you would say I am more of an agriculturist than a foodie. Well, I love good food and I love to write about them. Based on the different cuisines that I have tried so far, I am most delighted about Italian cuisine. In Italy, there is an indescribable richness in every scoop of pasta sauce and this richness can not be said to be excessive. It is always the right amount of condiment, cheese, meat, tomatoes and spices; the right thinness of pizza crust and the right doneness of pasta. I like India’s chicken biryani but my stomach can not take the level of spiciness that it comes with. Also, the vegetable soups of my southwestern Nigeria is always something to look forward to. I could go on and on but I will not.

I am open to collaborations for this website as well as any of my other areas of engagement. I can be reached via the contact page or by email: [email protected].