How to Prepare the Best Nigerian Banga Soup:Ofe Akwu

Banga soup by banga republic

Several countries of Africa are known for several soup delicacies, from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, Cameroon and others, we have soups such as egusi, fisherman’s soup, groundnut soup, etc. Among these delicious delicacies is a special Nigerian soup; Banga also known as Ofe Akwu. Banga soup, which is also known as Ofe Akwu has been a most consumed and famous …

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Best Foods to Eat During Ramadan

I work part-time as a project manager with a construction firm. For a couple of weeks now, my director has not really been with the company physically as he has been on several business trips that take him from Lagos to Dubai. Whenever he’s not around, work does not go the way it does when he is. Not because we take …

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The French Macaron Experience


So, I made french macarons or better still, I tried to make them after seing videos and checking blogs for how to make French macarons. I had seen them a couple of times on food blogs and they looked really nice to add to Nigerians’ list of pastries. But I am not so optimistic about that. In my attempt, I …

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Nigerian Jollof Versus Senegal Jollof

Minister of information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has got the social media back on the debate of ‘which country makes the best jollof rice’. You can read more about the CNN interview that brought up this matter here. In the light of the situation, I decided to do my research on Nigeria Jollof rice versus Senegal Jollof rice. Here’s …

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Top 10 Nigerian Foods With Sumptuous Aroma

Every food has it’s unique aroma. That’s why you can tell when your neighbour is preparing vegetable soup or when she’s preparing noodles. The aroma reaches the nose before the food reaches the mouth thus, the sense of smell explores our food before we eat it. Smell does to discover and enjoy food as much as taste. If a food …

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