Foodiedame at 6

2190 days of food blogging

Foodiedame clocked 6 on the 31st of May and I had no idea until 1st of June. When I saw the notification on WordPress, I told my boyfriend that I wouldn’t be talking about it because I deserted the blog for over a year and I am only just getting activities back on the blog. Also, I have lost the …

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How to Make Pounded Yam Without Mortar

How to Prepare Pounded Yam with Food Processor

Over the past few years, scientists have continued to seek for ways to make life easier for the Nigerian who loves pounded yam but loathes the stress involved in making this highly delectable Nigerian meal. This adventure has been indeed successful with the discovery of different machines and alternative pounded yam known as poundo yam. The commercial grinding mill is …

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Non-Stick Pan

I got my first ever Non-stick pan in 2016. I wanted to partake in Peak Milk’s cooking competition where I was to make an omelette and I didn’t have a frying pan. Prior to that period, as a student, I did all my frying inside a small pot. However, for the purpose of the competition and because of some other 5 …

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8 Amazing Things You Can Do During Your NYSC


NYSC- National Youth Service Corps, a 1-year programme for every Nigerian graduate is a period of vast experience for various participants of the programme. From being the beginning of a great life for some, it also happens to be the beginning or continuation of a not-so-great life for some. However, because life is to every man his own, as a …

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4 Reasons Why a Blogger Stopped Blogging

Recently, I published a blogpost about achee apple, the dangerously delicious fruit which is the national fruit of Jamaica. While considering publishing another blog post, it occurred to me that I actually stopped blogging for a while and my readers deserve an explanation. So, grab your coffee and enjoy reading about the last 2 years of my life during which …

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How to Prepare the Best Nigerian Banga Soup:Ofe Akwu

Banga soup by banga republic

Several countries of Africa are known for several soup delicacies, from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, Cameroon and others, we have soups such as egusi, fisherman’s soup, groundnut soup, etc. Among these delicious delicacies is a special Nigerian soup; Banga. Banga soup, which is also known as Ofe Akwu has been a most consumed and famous dish in Eastern part of …

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