Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for You in 2018

Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for You in 2018

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Deciding what to have for breakfast can be tough. Sometimes, you just find yourself stuck on a food and you begin to wonder if that’s the only food in existence. Well, there isn’t just one food in existence and you don’t have to take just one food for breakfast. Even if you do limit yourself probably due to financial limitations, you can be dynamic about it. However, on no condition should anyone stereotype breakfast to one food type.

That being mentioned, what can you have for breakfast?

1. Smoothies


Smoothies are perfect for the mornings. They are one food type that gives easy access to lot of nutrients at a go. However, there’s a controversy as regards making smoothies with just fruits and/or  vegetables or including additives like yoghurt. Well, well, do whatever suits you. Just don’t be adding sugar to smoothies and take note of ‘healthy’. Your smoothies should be healthy!

You can have:

Pineapple and Beetroot Smoothie
Pineapple and strawberries are high in vitamin C. Pineapple also contains phytochemicals that promote health and beets are a good source of folate. Check pineapple and beetroot smoothie recipe

Watermelon and Cucumber Smoothie
Cucumbers are composed mostly of water and contain small amounts of nutrients with considerable vitamin A. Watermelon is also rich in water. It contains lycopene and a considerable amount of vitamins. Check watermelon and cucumber smoothie recipe

2. Cereals


You can have cereals for breakfast. Oatmeal, corn flakes, rice crisps, etc. When purchasing cereals, ensure to read the composition and be cautious of best before dates. Healthy cereals should have 100% whole-grain as the first ingredient and a healthy combination of protein, fibre, fat, sugar and sodium. You can get your quality cereals from Jumia.


3. Noodles:

Not instance noodles like the picture I have here please🙅. For breakfast, you can make some nice INSTANT noodles, well spiced and garnished with egg, sausages, etc. and take some beverage alongside.
Instance noodles

If you’re good with the kitchen and do not mind going the trip of cooking something nice, you could prepare;

4. Rice

Rice is always there for us when we don’t know what to eat. From white rice and stew or vegetable soup to concoction rice, curry rice, Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice. Which other rice?

Whichever rice you choose is fine for breakfast as long as you supplement it with some protein and vegetables.

5. Yam


Boiled yam with egg sauce, fish sauce, scrambled egg, ordinary oil, porridge. All nice for breakfast. I am no fan of yam though. Especially, when it is not pounded; you would have to french fry the yam for me to eat it. Some folks like me add sugar to encourage them to eat yam and it always taste good. I also learnt that yam increases chances of having twins. Myth or fact? (Please reply in the comment). Either I like yam or not, irrespective of how you like yam, it is undeniable that yam is a good food for breakfast.

6. Plantain


Boiled or fried ripe plantain (Dodo) and egg sauce, fish sauce, scrambled egg, ordinary oil, plantain porridge. All nice for breakfast.

7. Frittata


Frittata is the distant twin of dodo and egg from a richer home. Frittata is better packaged, unlike dodo and egg. It does not just contain plantain and egg, it contains vegetables; carrots, green pepper, and all other ingredients that make a rich food. Check out frittata recipe, try it out and let’s have your feedback. My friend’s wedding date came nearer because of frittata even though he called it ‘eggtata’. Who knows maybe you are the next to awe your lover with frittata? I’m just saying.

8. Pancakes

images (6)

Pancakes make good breakfast and can be prepared in short time. For a good pancake, you will need

  • 1 1/2 cups self-raising flour
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup Sugar
  • 3 Tbsp Melted Butter
  • 3 tsp baking powder (if you want fluffy pancakes)
  • Fruit or beverage to serve with.

Recipe here: how to make the best pancakes

9. Beans

images (7)

Beans? Yes! I love having akara or moimoi for breakfast especially when accompanied with pap, custard or bread. Pap and custard can as well go with milk and sugar for breakfast. I just don’t like having bland pap or custard.

And lastly,


The man called bread. You can either have it fresh from bakery, toasted or in strips. And bread goes well with any kind of sauce; tomatoes, fish, egg, even vegetable soups. I also think it comes before rice on the list of our top ‘go-to’ foods.Yes? Yes. I should do a post on that soon.

So, with this long list, I believe you won’t have to worry about breakfast this year. Right?

One more question before you leave: “what’s your favorite food for breakfast?” Mine is toast, boiled egg and beverage. You should use comment box to tell me yours.

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  1. I’m not really a breakfast person, but if I have to try something on the list, i’d probably go with the frittata, just because I’ve never had it before.
    Not now though, we’re still fasting in my church 😂