Tiger Nut is a Vitamin Rich Aphrodisiac

Tiger Nut is a Vitamin Rich Aphrodisiac

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Tiger nut is a vitamin-rich aphrodisiac that has come to the world to make you happy. And speaking of aphrodisiacs, here’s what Cosmo said.

“You probably eat a bunch every day without even knowing it.”


So, smile and relax. It’s not that serious.

Although, when anything becomes a topic, it of course becomes serious. Stating that a food has aphrodisiac properties is no cause for alarm, it  doesn’t imply that the food is the reason why you’re horny all day. Neither is it exclusively the reason why your partner often demand for sex. However, it might be, if consumed in high quantity.

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is any substance that increases sexual drive or sexual appetite when consumed. Aphrodisiacs work based on the belief by its users that the substance would be effective in increasing libido. Eating tiger nut with an intention of enjoying some nuts might not get you to notice the increase in your libido. However, there’ll be an increase, and you’ll notice it if you put your mind to sex. Many aphrodisiacs seem to work only because one expects them to.

Aphrodisiac photo of a girl licking ice-cream probably with tiger nut powder
Pexels Image By Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

Without prior knowledge that garlic is listed as an aphrodisiac, would you believe that it is? I won’t. For a fact, before attempting to write this article, I never knew garlic was listed among aphrodisiacs. I know of ginger and ginseng but not garlic

Aphrodisiacs have a history of use both as sexual stimulants for pleasure’s sake and for the treatment of sexual debility. Examples of edible substances that have in history been known as aphrodisiacs are artichokes, truffles,
garlic, oysters, and ginseng. Fruit aphrodisiacs that you probably don’t know are banana, strawberries pomegranate and fig. Chocolate, vanilla and powdered rhinoceros horn are also aphrodisiacs. That’s a whole lot of food that we’ve eaten without getting a ravenous desire for sex afterward. Hilariously, some people attribute rhinoceros horn which is earlier stated as an aphrodisiac to be the origin of the word ‘horny’.

Some of these examples have sexual effect by creating an overall calming effect on the body when eaten. Others send sexual signals when their aroma is inhaled. For instance, vanilla. Vanilla smells so sexy and late-night scoops of vanilla feels so darn good. Either when scooped right from a bowl of ice-cream or when scooped with the tongue from a partner’s body. Irish cream is another substance that can be regarded as an aphrodisiac due its aroma. Forget about taking Bailey’s in the club or at the bar. Take Irish cream at a dinner with your partner in a candle lit and rose-scented diner. The aroma makes so much difference for sex drive.

Aphrodisiacs are also often made from a blend of several substances. Indian scientists mix crocodile eggs, elephant dung, burnt pearls, gold dust, and lizards’ eyes to get an effect that increases sex drive of individuals (Wow). In Africa, a blend of tiger nut, ginger, date and coconut makes a milky drink that is used as aphrodisiac (eazy peazy).

Is Tiger nut some nut from Tiger?

Tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus L.) is a tuber crop also known as “yellow nut sedge,” “ground almonds” and “earth almonds” among a couple other names. Early cultivation of this crop was discovered in Egypt and Spain. But, it’s seeds have traveled far through various continents of the world. It can be found in Africa, Southern Europe, Madagascar, as well as the Middle East and India. In Northern Nigeria, tiger nut is called ‘aya which is the primary ingredient used along side Dates, in preparing a kind of milk shake known as ‘kunu aya’.

Aphrodisiac Kunu aya drink from tiger nut
Kunu Aya made from Tiger nuts

The nutritional composition of tiger nut includes large amount of starch, sugar, protein, some phosphorus and potassium, as well as vitamins E and C. It contains less than twenty percent saturated (palmitic acid and stearic acid) and over eighty percent unsaturated (oleic acid and linoleic acid) fatty acids. Asides being an aphrodisiac, based on scientific research, tiger nut is reported to be helpful in enhancing blood circulation. It also lowers cholesterol because of its fatty acid composition and reduces the risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

When compared with other tuberous plants; cassava, yam, potato, sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke and yacon, tiger nut is found to have the highest amount of fibre and this makes it highly effective in enhancing the functions of the digestive system.

Tiger nuts can be eaten either in its raw form, dried or roasted, ground into flour and used in pastry recipes, or drunk as a beverage when duly processed. In Northern Nigeria, because of the rich nutritional composition of aya, it’s a highly appreciated substitute to cereals grains used in preparing kunu. It is also an important food for livestock.

Is tiger nut really an aphrodisiac?

Having understood the independent entities, ‘Tiger nuts’ and ‘Aphrodisiacs’, let’s address them as a couple under narratives from three different fictional inquisitive minds: Damian, Karzai and Vunto.

Damian (Male): “I’ve been taking a lot of tiger nuts lately and I kind of notice an upsurge in my libido. Does my tiger nuts intake have anything to do with it?”

Regular intake of tiger nut tubers improves fertility in men and women as a result of vitamin E which is present in the tubers. In men, vitamin E is known to improve motility of sperm by counteracting the damage of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on sperm motility, vitamin E helps in increasing sperm count and quality of sperm as well as boosting sex drive.

Research suggests that to increase the levels of testosterone (a hormone which is a factor to sexual drive and stamina in men) in your body, you must consume foods that are rich in vitamin E. So, if my fictional character, Damian has been taking a lot of tiger nuts lately even though his doctor did not particularly make any recommendation of it, he might notice an increase in his sex drive due to increased vitamin E in his body.

Additionally, vitamin E when acting as an antioxidant can help fight toxins by fighting compounds like lead, benzene and mercury. A scientific experiment carried out in University of Baghdad showed that tiger nut which is rich in vitamin E had a protective and regenerative effect on the sperm of mice that was initially treated with a destructive substance: lead acetate.

And, in the Middle East, tiger nut is known as ‘Hab Al-zulom’ which is an Arabic word meaning, ‘the seeds of men’. It is known as ‘Hab Al-zulom’ because it has the ability to enhance sexual activity both in animals and humans.

Karzai (Male): “Is tiger nut an aphrodisiac?”

Yes. It is.

Vunto (Female): “I’m celibate. Does it mean I have to stay away from tiger nuts?”

Vunto is the melancholic character who is bothered about tiger nuts hindering her from abstaining from sex as she would like to, at this time. And here is my response to her query.

Tiger nut is an aphrodisiac but as earlier stated, aphrodisiacs are masters of the mind. Some health care practitioners often encourage patients to create a positive mental state towards healing before actually commencing usage of medicine. That’s because our mind is powerful and we control the physical with our mental state.

Healing begins in your mind Tiger nut is an aphrodisiac
Google photo: Healing begins in your mind

If you love to eat tiger nuts for its other nutritional benefits, then eat it and do not worry about its aphrodisiac property. Simply eat and don’t put your mind to sex! If you’ll think of it, let it be that you’re controlling your body towards achieving your goal. However, if you find this hard to do, then, consume tiger nuts in minimal quantity.

But here’s a reminder:
Tiger nut is a super tuber and nut rich in dietary fibre, carbohydrate, lipids, minerals and vitamins. And it’s milk is a great substitute for cow milk for it does not contain lactose.

Now tell me, do you want to not eat tiger nuts or not?