Fluffy and Crunchy Akara – Your Next Favorite Recipe

fluffy and crunchy akara

Akara also known as bean cake, acaraje or akaraje can described as peeled beans, deep-fried into a ball. It is a typical Nigerian recipe served as breakfast accompanied with pap, custard, bread or garri. Also, it is often served at funeral services. On a fateful day in In September 2017, I was at my aunt’s place when she wanted to …

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How To Prepare Doughnut In The Nigerian Way


There are quite a number of ways by which doughnut can be prepared. Various countries with various styles, various chefs with various styles. In Nigeria, there are quite a number of methods among which this post describes one. In the making of doughnut however, some ingredients are necessary; Flour, Baker’s yeast, milk, Melted margarine, sugar, egg,  salt and warm water. …

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How To Make Beef Shawarma at Home With a Saucepan

beef shawarma

Shawarma is a snack that originated from Middle East. It is rich in protein, vitamins A, B6 and C, Thiamin, Niacin, Folate, Mineral calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These nutritional composition of shawarma is attributed to its rich vegetable content, animal product and minimal flour portion. And, from eating Shawarma for few years, I figured that every fan of shawarma should …

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5 Rice Recipes And 5 Chicken Recipes For A Christmas Deluxe

Merry Christmas! Oh! I thought it was Christmas already. I can’t just wait for that season to be here. I mean the whole papparazi is always fun. Number 1: there’s always chicken somewhere. Chicken is like a sacred part of Christmas which cannot be carried over. Number 2: Santa and carols. I remember the first time I realized Santa doesn’t …

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What You Should Eat To Reduce Or Eliminate Menstrual Pain

Menstrual period is a serious time in the life of females. It influences different daily life aspects, including physical status, sleep pattern, mood, diet, exercise and mental performance.  Periods are constituted by mood swings, low energy and cramps which can somewhat make those couple of blood staining days frustrating with pain. Whenever I’m menstruating and my mom is around, one …

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5 Superb Smoothie Recipes and Why You Should Take Them

“Our earliest ancestors built their diets entirely of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, legumes, and nuts.”-Encyclopedia of Food In the world today, it is quite easy for us to put fruits and vegetables away because there are many other edible things aside them. There are biscuits, cakes, cookies, chocolates and other food made from flour of different kinds. Although, some of …

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