How to Make Crunchy Milk Butter Cookies at Home

Homemade crunchy milk butter cookies

There are different methods of preparing cookies and truly, there’s no one method that fits everyone’s taste. However, if you love your cookies crunchy and milky, this crunchy milk butter cookies recipe is a good deal for you. Crunchy Milk Butter Cookies Made at Home Through this period of COVID-19, quarantine and homeschooling, one of the many questions in the …

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Non-Stick Pan

I got my first ever Non-stick pan in 2016. I wanted to partake in Peak Milk’s cooking competition where I was to make an omelette and I didn’t have a frying pan. Prior to that period, as a student, I did all my frying inside a small pot. However, for the purpose of the competition and because of some other 5 …

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Your Easy Guide to Preparing the Best Nigerian Pepper Soup

how to make Nigerian cat fish pepper soup

Do you know this weary feeling you get after cooking for your entire neighbourhood and you become unable to eat the delicious food you made? Recently, it was my cousin’s birthday and I spent approximately 10hours in the kitchen on that day. Myself, his mom which is my aunt and my sister went from frying a carton of fish to …

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Plantain Fufu: How to Make Swallow with Fresh Unripe Plantain

How to make fufu with unripe plantain

In the last days of my grandpa which happened to be the only period that I spent with him, I presumed that fresh unripe plantain fufu was his favourite food because of how often he ate it. He ate plantain in all forms: boiled, amala, plantain fufu and pounded plantain. Years after the death of my grandpa, I got to learn the nutritional benefits of plantain and it is now a highly rated food for me. In this post, I shared how to prepare plantain fufu with fresh unripe plantain which is a healthy choice of food because of its complex carbohydrate content.

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10 Important Facts You Should Know About Golden Melon

golden melon

As I often gape at the varieties of fruits in the world, this time, the fruit that has my attention is golden melon which is also known as sweet melon or honeydew melon. Unlike a month or two ago, golden melon has become the fruit in town. Walking through the streets of a city in Nigeria this period, there’s a …

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8 Amazing Things You Can Do During Your NYSC


NYSC- National Youth Service Corps, a 1-year programme for every Nigerian graduate is a period of vast experience for various participants of the programme. From being the beginning of a great life for some, it also happens to be the beginning or continuation of a not-so-great life for some. However, because life is to every man his own, as a …

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4 Reasons Why a Blogger Stopped Blogging

Damilola Aladesuru blogger at Foodiedame

Recently, I published a blogpost about achee apple, the dangerously delicious fruit which is the national fruit of Jamaica. While considering publishing another blog post, it occurred to me that I actually stopped blogging for a while and my readers deserve an explanation. So, grab your coffee and enjoy reading about the last 2 years of my life during which …

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Is Ackee Good For You? Safety, Nutrition and Recipes


A friend recently uploaded a picture of ackee apple on her status and it reminded me that this is the period of the year (Early rains around May/June) when this fruit can be found ripened in many fruit gardens or random yards with the ackee tree. The ackee apple otherwise called ‘Akee’ is famously known in SouthWestern Nigeria as ‘Ishin’. …

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