4 Reasons Why a Blogger Could Stop Blogging

Recently, I published a blogpost about achee apple, the dangerously delicious fruit which is the national fruit of Jamaica. While considering publishing another blog post, it occurred to me that I actually stopped blogging for a while and my readers deserve an explanation. So, grab your coffee and enjoy reading about the last 2 years of my life during which …

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Is Ackee Good For You? Safety, Nutrition and Recipes


A friend recently uploaded a picture of ackee apple on her status and it reminded me that this is the period of the year (Early rains around May/June) when this fruit can be found ripened in many fruit gardens or random yards with the ackee tree. The ackee apple otherwise called ‘Akee’ is famously known in SouthWestern Nigeria as ‘Ishin’. …

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DIY- Use Recipe to Prepare Chinese Fried Rice At Home

I was going through my gallery when I found the pictures I snapped the last time I prepared the Chinese fried rice that I took at a restaurant months back. I’ve posted my Chinese restaurant gist here before so, I won’t bore you with it again. The last time I posted about it, I dropped just the recipe of the …

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You Need To Try This Plantain Sauce For Rice

Rice is a major staple in many countries and it is one food you can be sure to come across in any country you travel to. From the East to the West, South, and North of the world, there are so many rice recipes. There is jollof rice which is the go-to meal of Africans, there is fried rice in …

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How to Prepare the Best Nigerian Banga Soup:Ofe Akwu

Banga soup by banga republic

Several countries of Africa are known for several soup delicacies, from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, Cameroon and others, we have soups such as egusi, fisherman’s soup, groundnut soup, etc. Among these delicious delicacies is a special Nigerian soup; Banga. Banga soup, which is also known as Ofe Akwu has been a most consumed and famous dish in Eastern part of …

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