How To Make Egg Snack

How To Make Egg Snack

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Eggsnack is one recipe just like omelette but, with a slight twist. It is my favorite egg recipe and goes well with bread and noodles. Cut big bread loaf into two unsplitted parts and put a roll of egg snack in. Take a bite, top with tea and find your heaven here on earth.

INGREDIENTS For making EGG SNACK: (can be varied to taste)

2 medium sized eggs

5 small size tomatoes

1 small onion

1tsp pepper powder

Salt to taste

Other seasonings of choice: paprika, garlic, etc.


1. Cut your onions and tomatoes into the smallest sizes possible.

2. Break eggs in a bowl

3. Add spices, whisk

4. Add tomatoes and onions, whisk

5. Grease your pan, pour in some of the egg mixture about 1/3. Allow to fry enough that you can lift it with your spatula. Flip a side over the other until you reach the last corner.

6. Move that egg roll to one side, pour in another portion of the egg and repeat step 5. Do This until it’s all used up.

7. Cook for about 1 minute turning the sides, so as to ensure its well cooked.

8. Serve hot or cold.