The last five winners of the Knorr Jollof rice competition

Uriemu Onome: The Bicycle Jollof Rice

Uriemu Onome
Uriemu Onome

You never can tell how good people are until you meet them. Meet Onome, a leader in food contests who has bagged so many prizes from Three crowns, Minimie noodles, Knorr seasoning and is currently among the finalists of the on going Mama Gold contest.

Foodiedame: Hello Onome! Nice art in your jollof rice competition. Weldone. More knowledge.

Uriemu Onome: Hy Dammy. Thanks and Amen to that.‎

Foodiedame: Would you mind telling about the inspiration behind your design?

Uriemu Onome:I love arts, just a creative person by nature. I guess it just came to mind to do that. It could”ve been something else.

Foodiedame: You said it could have been something else. Why did you pick bicycle among all options. Do you have anyone close to you who has a bicycle?

Uriemu Onome: No, I don’t. A lot of stuffs came to mind but I did same bicycle for Minimie Noodles #FoodMeetsArt contest, so I felt repeating it with rice this time wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Foodiedame: Wao. You’re seriously into food art. That’s great! So, did you actually think of winning or you just did it for fun?

Uriemu Onome: Of course I thought of winning girl! I’m into online contests for the fun of it and the prize attached.

Foodiedame: How did you hear about the competition?

Uriemu Onome: Like I said, I’m into online contests, so, obviously, Knorr fb page is one of my favourite pages, this is the 2nd time I’m winning on that page.

Foodiedame: Wao! Okay ma. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate.

Uriemu Onome: My pleasure

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