Nigerian Fried Rice And Beans Recipe

Nigerian Fried Rice And Beans Recipe

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I am a really big fan of fried rice especially when its well cooked but not marshy. The awesomeness of fried rice rich in vegetables is like heaven. But, about two months ago, on a beautiful sabbath with my vegetarian sister and friend, I prepared a food, unique in it’s kind and taste; Fried rice and beans. When they came to the kitchen and saw me cooking beans even when I told them I was going to cook fried rice, the look and question on their faces was ” Dami, I thought you wanted to cook fried rice. What’s up with the beans?” And I told them to just watch me. By the time the food was done, we all ate our portions and my sweet sister and friend went back for more.

Among the various ways we prepare rice and beans, we have Plain rice and beans,
Jollof rice and beans,
Rice separate, beans separate which is the common one used in restaurants but the least tasty. And lastly my new recipe, FRIED RICE AND BEANS!

Preparing beans is a task for a very patient person except you have a pressure pot. Thus, for this recipe, ensure to have your pressure pot ready if you can’t afford the patience of using an ordinary aluminium pot.

More so, fried rice prepared with chicken stock is a great one but for this recipe, I didn’t use chicken because we didn’t have money for it that day and then we felt we could make it a vegetarian meal so, we used TOFU.

Therefore, you can include chicken when you want to prepare yours. I will include the process in the recipe and I know it will taste great. Just make sure you come back to tell me how it went.

Fried Rice (Beans) INGREDIENTS

3 milk cups of Rice

1 milk cup of black head Beans


Tofu *optional*

2 Tsp Vegetable Oil

1tsp White pepper


1tsp Curry



Other seasonings like knorr cube


* Unspecified quantity of ingredients should be to indiputFried rice and beans with veggiesPREPARATION

1. Cook beans to a soft but firm point. The beans should be soft to an edible point but not easy to marshy. This is so that it can be able to withstand more heat and not mess up the oil during frying.


  1. Whether to add onions or not to the beans is your choice. Will you be willing to pick out beans from onion by the time the beans is done cooking? Because, you do not need the onions in this recipe.As for me, I cooked the beans with onions and picked them out when I was ready to use the beans. This is because, I believe onions has a task in getting beans ready faster.
  2. It’s better to put water gradually so as to avoid large amount of nutrient from being washed away. By the time the beans is done, the water- beans ratio should be like 80: 20.

2. While the beans is cooking, chop the veggies( carrots and onions) and Tofu.

3. For inclusion of chicken, cook chicken, seasoning it to taste.

4. Precook rice for some minute. Boil water to about 100°c, pour the washed rice in it and allow to simmer for maximum of 10minutes. Sieve the rice, throw the water away, wash the rice again. Set aside in a sieve allowing draining of grain.

5. Your beans should be done enough at this point. All the beans is edible and at least 80% can still withstand heat stress without becoming marshy. Just like the rice, sieve the beans, discard the water, you can try to pick mashed beans out before setting aside to drain.

6. It’s time to fry. Heat pot and pour in the vegetable oil. Allow the oil heat up, add the seasonings, curry, thyme, Salt and stir. Put in the beans, allow  to fry for about 2mins. Add the tofu, carrot, onions

7. Pour in the rice gradually and stir. You could pour in like ⅓rd first and another portion till you’re done. Fry for some minutes till you can see that the white rice has absorbed the yellowish green moisture in the pot earlier.

8. Add the chicken stock at this point and add little more water. Because the rice is precooked, less water is needed at this point and heat level should be medium. Allowing the rice to get cooked yet, minimizing water input.

9. Cover the pot and allow to cook till it’s edible to your taste and dried from moisture.

Serve with vegetables.