You Need To Try This Plantain Sauce For Rice


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There are so many plantain recipes and there are several sauce recipes but have you tried plantain sauce? I mean sauce made with plantain as the major ingredient? With rice? You probably wondering what it tastes like and considering giving it a try huh? Okay, here’s the recipe:

First of all, prepare your rice and set aside before you proceed to the sauce img_20161122_073403

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Plantain Sauce Recipe
  1. Set pot on cooker with moderate heat and allow to dry. Pour in the oil, leave for about 1minute to get hot
  2. Pour the pepper mixture, leave to fry for 3minute. While waiting, dice the plantain and set aside.
  3. Also, wash and cut the fish and set aside
  4. Add the salt, stock cube, ginger powder, curry, fish and ½ of the water. Stir together and cover the pot and allow to cook till fish is done.
  5. Remove the fish. Put the plantain and the remaining water. Leave for another 4mins and there you go, you have your sauce.

  1. OMG love.. I discovered your blog on the bloggers group chat and I’ve been on it since last night. I love your blog. I’m the type of girl to enter the kitchen and combine different things. You’ve given me a lot to try out as soon as I get home.
    Infact, I love you

    • Hi Favour. Thanks for replying. I feel really glad to have you on the blog. Sorry for replying late hon. I was unable to access the blog for a while.