How To Make Gbegiri (Bean Soup) In The Yoruba Way

How To Make Gbegiri (Bean Soup) In The Yoruba Way

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Gbegiri is a typical Yoruba soup whose primary ingredient is beans. Some parts of Yoruba land usually take this soup with ewedu while others take it ordinary or seasoned with bitter leaf (ewuro). Along side ewedu, it is a signatory soup of the people of Oyo state, Nigeria. They take the soup with a meal called ‘amala’. Gbegiri is rich in protein due to its main ingredient, ‘beans’. If you’ve never tasted gbegiri or you’re wondering how to go about preparing it, here is the recipe.

1.Bean powder
2.Pepper (fresh or dried)
3.Iru (locust beans) if you take it
5.Stock or fresh fish(as desired)
6.Salt and maggi
7.Bitter leaf (optional)
8.Palm oil


Set cooker and boil sufficient quantity of water for the cooking.

After boiling, pour in the pepper and locust beans(Iru) and allow to cook for like 5mins. Dice the onion and bitter leaf and set aside.

Now, pour in the beans powder, stir, add salt, maggi, , fish, other seasonings you want and stir. Cover the pot and leave to cook for about 5mins.

Add the palm oil, stir the mixture, (If you are using bitter leaf, sprinkle it and stir) allow to cook for another maximum time of 5mins and you have your Gbegiri.

Serve with hot amala.