Minister Refers To Moinmoin Cooked In Cellophane Bags As Poisonous

Minister Refers To Moinmoin Cooked In Cellophane Bags As Poisonous

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The Nigerian minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh at a One-day Public Hearing on  Food security bills organised by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development  called the attention of Nigerians to the fact that eating moinmoin cooked in cellophane bags can result in serious health challenge as the product is poisonous.


According to him, cellophane contains a large dosage of dioxins which are harmful to health.
He admonished the use of leaves instead of cellophane since Dioxins are absent in leaves.


The minister also spoke about the consumption of sachet(pure) water.
He said sachet water exposed to sun at over 28°c is poisonous and its consumption is responsible for many cases of kidney and liver failure among Nigerians.

And that, the habit of over-boiling meat in Nigeria had helped to prevent tuberculosis infection from under cooked beef.

“Many of the cows being moved from one place to the other by herdsmen are already infected with tuberculosis. But our practice of boiling meat very well here has been the saving grace of people being infected with the deadly disease’’, he said. He added that Nigerians face serious risk of health challenges from the consumption of smuggled frozen chicken preserved with formalin which is also used for preservation of dead bodies.

More so, he noted that wrong application of fertilizer by farmers on their farm land and the preservation of beans and grains with over dosage of pesticides has led to poisonous consumption of food items.