Important Points For A Perfect Lunchbox

Important Points For A Perfect Lunchbox

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Most mothers around the world pack lunch box for their children and that’s basically to fight hunger while the children are away from home but are you sure you’re putting the right things in your child’s lunch box? However, It can be frustrating when a child doesn’t eat   what’s in the lunch box for some days in the past weeks and this leaves the mother with bothering questions like,

‘What’s wrong with my lunch pack?’
‘Did he get discouraged?’
‘Did my food become less tasty?’
‘Is he beginning to eat with his friends?’

Well, I’m not a mother yet but here’s what I’ve learned from the internet and my aunts about lunch boxes. In every perfect lunch box, these points can’t be overlooked;


As you try to fight hunger for your children, do you just pack some set of junks into their bag or you’re been careful of their health?  A healthy lunchbox keeps kids alert, focused and give them the nutrition they need everyday. And like my favorite song, “Healthiness does not have to be boring.” Fill the lunch boxes with berries, grapes, apples, bananas, carrot juliennes and see how much love the kids will show the boxes.


Sometimes, a child’s poor disposition toward a lunch box could infer the need for new food creatives. Nobody likes to wear the same dress everyday,  children  get tired of their lunch box if it keeps wearing the same look: if you keep packing the same food in it!
Creativeness helps you get your kids to eat what you’ve packed.
A creative mother understands that her creative skills is useful in kitchen, the wardrobe, everywhere!


This still refers you back to the first and second points (healthiness and creativeness).
It would be mean to offer a child something frozen or close to it during cold weather. Get them a quality warmer to keep their food warm. During hot weather, avoid milk, yoghurt,  fish, meat in lunches unless there’s an ice pack or frozen water bottle to prevent food poisoning. All these foods are quick to reacting to heat.

Your typical lunch box should contain at least four of these groups of food;

1. Fruits:  E.g Apple, oranges, grapes, strawberries, mango
2. Vegetables: E.g Carrot, cucumber, mushroom, parsnip, cabbage, beetroot
3. Starchy food: E.g Cereals (rice,corn), Bread, yam, potatoes
4. Protein: E.g Peanut, Egg, meat, fish
5. Diary: E.g Yoghurt, Cheese, Milk
6. Water!!! This is compulsory

When you present something healthy in a creative way, you can be sure to have it gladly accepted. Give your children the best always.

Subject: Cutlery

How do you expect your child to take his lunch, if what you gave them requires a fork and they can’t find one in the box? Do not forget to always put in the cutlery.

Share this with other mothers, aunties, daddies, uncles to help them pack better lunch boxes.