Aphrodisiac Kunu aya drink from tiger nut

How to Prepare Kunu Aya- Tiger Nut Beverage

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Learning how to prepare kunu aya- tiger nut milk shake is a totally worthwhile effort. Kunu aya is a Northern Nigerian beverage made from a mix of tiger nuts, coconut, dates and ginger. It is an absolutely nourishing drink, rich in numerous nutrients including fibre and vitamin E.

In Nigeria, ‘Kunu’ refers to locally made beverage that can be made from different cereal grains. The grain option could be millet, guinea corn or rice depending of the maker’s choice. Also, depending of the grain used for kunu, different words can be used as suffix to kunu just like we have in kunu aya and kunu zaki.

‘Aya’ is a local name for tiger nuts in Northern Nigeria. Therefore, ‘Kunu Aya’ is a local beverage made with tiger nuts being its primary ingredient. If you spare a moment to read the blog post about Tiger Nut, you will get an understanding of why you should really include this tiger nuts drink in your diet.

Now to the business of this blog, how do you prepare this local beverage, kunu aya?

Aphrodisiac Kunu aya drink from tiger nut

How to Prepare Kunu Aya- Tiger Nut Milk Shake

Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 20 hrs 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Nigerian
Servings 3 cups


  • 2 cups of fresh tiger nuts ( known locally as Aya or ofio)
  • 10 dates (Dabino)
  • 1 coconut
  • 1 moderate size ginger root
  • 2 cups warm water


  • Thoroughly wash tiger nuts and soak in water for 15 to 20 hrs. You can soak it before going to bed at night till the next evening after work. The purpose of soaking is for it to absorb water and soften up. The nuts are really hard such that skipping this part of the process is going to put so much stress on the grinder.
    Tiger nuts
  • Wash the dates and remove the seeds.
  • Crack the coconut, break it, remove the edible inside of the coconut and slice it to small cubes if you'll be using a grinder (the kind you go to blend with outside your home). Or, if you will like to use a regular kitchen blender, further grate the coconut with a vegetable grater to ease the working of the blender.
    cocnut to be used for tiger nut milkshake
  • Peel the back of the ginger and cut it to bits.
    Ginger to be used for kunu aya
  • Blend the four ingredients (tiger nuts, coconuts, dates and ginger) together with 1 cup of warm water.
  • Pour the blended mix into a strainer with a mesh sizeable to seperate most of the shaft from the milk.
    kunu aya mix before sieving
  • Add the remaining water to the shaft and blend again
  • Strain the mix from the blender with a muslin cloth to get the remaining milk.
    A muslin cloth similar to what is used to sieve pap
  • Pour the shaft away and store the milk in a refrigerator to get it chilled.
    Kunu aya from tiger nut
  • Enjoy the chilled drink with your loved one.


Simple right? Yes. Having a healthy treat is not all that hard after all.
Now, read why tiger nut boosts your libido and makes you want to have sex.
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  1. Thanks, I got all the ingredients but was stuck on what to do. Now i know exactly how to go about.
    I invite you to come and enjoy my delicious drink with me.

    • Wow. It would definitely be a pleasure to join you. I’m glad you now know how to prepare kunu Aya.

      Also, thank you for leaving a feedback.

  2. Please did I still need to soak the tiger nut again in as much I got the fresh one not the dry one?

  3. This is nice, but mine turns sour or coagulates in the freezer ,please how can I preserve it

    • I am really surprised about the coagulation and sour taste. The last one I prepared lasted for something between 7-10 days with no preservative. Here =is what I observed though: On the 2nd day in the freezer, something looking like a white candy was formed in the drink and this was coconut oil which had solidified on the surface of the drink. If this is what you saw that made you think it coagulated, it didn’t.

      About the sour taste, maybe you didn’t use enough date. Try adding 3-5 more dates and see.

  4. While I break the dates is it the outside part I need or the seed and also if am using home blender do I need to also soak the dates and for how long?

    • Hi Ifeoluwa,

      It is the outside part which is the flesh that you need. Also, if you are using a home blender, you can boil the dates for like 20minutes until that fleshy part is soft.

  5. Can I use fresh aya to prepare it, and can I add other stuff like milk or honey 🍯 to it?

    • You can use fresh aya but no please, don’t use milk.It defeats what you’re trying to make which is also some kind of milk. You can use honey as a sweetener.

  6. Akubuiro Fidelia-Levi

    Can I add millet ionn it

  7. hi. thanks for the lecture. am about starting the business but what is delaying me is it does’t last. and can i had rice and you spoke about soaking it with warm water. please i need more clearification. thanks

    • Hi Aminat,

      You are making a really respectable move trying to start this business. However, I’m sorry I can’t provide information recommendable for business here since I only make this drink for myself. Also, I’ve not tried it with rice. I suggest maybe you try this out with a little portion and then see if it works before making in large scale.

  8. Aminat Abdulazeez Atinuke

    please the kunu aya if it become freeze hope there is no problem

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