fluffy and crunchy akara

Fluffy and Crunchy Akara – Your Next Favorite Recipe

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Akara also known as bean cake, acaraje or akaraje can described as peeled beans, deep-fried into a ball. It is a typical Nigerian recipe served as breakfast accompanied with pap, custard, bread or garri. Also, it is often served at funeral services.

On a fateful day in In September 2017, I was at my aunt’s place when she wanted to prepare bean cake. “Dami, do you like akara elepo? My husband likes it. There’s this way I now make my akara which gives it this fluffy and crunchy taste” she said. And I went like, “Okay… so what method is that?”

Truth is, this method is your next favorite recipe. It’s easy and gives good results. Although, I used vegetable oil in this recipe, if you want palm oil, just substitute the vegetable oil with it and fry.

Recipe Testimonial:

“I’ve made this recipe thrice and the taste has been unflinchingly good.”

fluffy and crunchy akara

Fluffy and Crunchy Akara- Your Next Favorite Recipe

For this recipe, you will need; A basin, A bowl to mix bean paste, Mixer, Spoon and Fryer
Prep Time 45 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 1 hr
Course Side Dish
Servings 30 balls


  • 600 g Beans
  • 4 habanero (rodo)
  • 1 small onion or more if you really love onions
  • A bottle vegetable oil or palm oil for deep frying


  • Measure beans into a bowl and add water to cover beans by one inch.
  • Allow beans to soak for up to 2minutes, drain off water and peel the beans. This first soaking is to soften just the shaft and not the beans thus to avoid the crumbling of the beans.
  • Rinse off the beans shafts and soak again in water for as long as 10minutes. This is to soften the beans for easy blending.
  • Drain the beans, rinse pepper and onion and slice onions into the beans. Then, blend till you get a smooth bean paste
  • Add water while blending but be careful not to add too much. Else, it becomes watery and not the bean paste you want.
  • After blending, pour paste into clean mixing bowl of a mixer and mix at a medium speed for 6minutes.
  • While mixing, pour oil (vegetable oil or palm oil) in a deep fryer and set on cooker to heat up.
  • After mixing, into a bowl, scoop as much bean paste as can be fried in the oil at once. Add salt to taste and mix well with a spoon.
  • Scoop into hot oil and fry till golden brown. This shouldn't take more than 1minute or 2minutes for each side if the oil is well heated.


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  1. Akara has always been my best delicacy

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