The Perfect Cupcake Recipe


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Cupcakes are cuties! More especially when topped with frosting. You can’t but fall in love with them. I recently got on the path of cupcakes making and I’m so in love with the art right now. I don’t really know. But, maybe because it’s less tasking as compared to  making a big cake, covering it with frosting, smoothening, blablabla.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my cupcake recipe with you.

chocolate cupcakes

Cupcake to me is simply ‘cake in a cup’. It requires the same recipe as any other cake. If you’re not topping with frosting, you might like to increase the sugar quantity but, I seriously do not see the need.  Why more sugar when the cake is already sweet? And since I said it’s just ‘cake in a cup’, you can as well use the recipe for big cakes. It will sure go well.

Moreso, in this recipe, I used the pot and sand oven. This method has served me over my few years o baking and although I’ve had burnt cakes like any oven will give you if you don’t regulate well, I’ve had mostly wonderful cakes. So, I will tell you my own way around it.

The recipe below is for Eight milk flavored and eight chocolate cupcakes.

Equipment: Two mixing bowls
A whisk
11cm disposable paper baking cups
Baking cups


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How To Make Frosted Cupcakes At Home
chocolate cupcakes
Course dessert
Course dessert
chocolate cupcakes
  1. Beat the sugar and margarine until white and fluffy.
  2. Whisk the eggs in a smaller bowl and gradually pour into the butter and sugar batter leaving a little quantity at the base. This is to prevent possibly present eggshells from swimming into the cake batter.
  3. Mix in the rest of the liquid ingredients. And then, the milk flavour. Add the flour and mix properly till incorporated.
  4. Now, divide the batter into two. Putting some in a second mixing bowl.
  5. Add chocolate flavour and cocoa powder to one and mix well.
  6. Set aside. Fill sand to just about 1/4 of the pot and set on cooker. Cover to heat up.
  7. Line cups with 11cm disposable paper baking.
  8. Put 1 heaped tablespoonful of batter in each cups until all used up.
  9. When you can feel the heat radiation of the sand and the pot, carefully place cups in the pot avoiding sand splash and cover to bake for 15-20minutes. If your sand was hot enough before you put the cups, your cake should be ready between 10-15minutes. Therefore, I'll advice you check your cake at 10minutes.
  10. To know if it's done, put a toothpick into a few cups, if it comes out clean, your cupcake is all set. Gently remove cups from pot. You really have to be easy so as not to let sand into the cups. Set cupcakes on a wire rack or tray to cool.
  11. For the frosting: Beat margarine to white, add icing sugar and mix properly. Pipe the buttercream and decorate your cupcakes as desired.
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