The last five winners of the Knorr Jollof rice competition

Inspiration Behind The Winking Smiley Jollof Rice

The last five winners of the knorr jollof rice competition

The last five winners of the knorr jollof rice competition

Image source: Knorr Nigeria

    The jollof rice competition that held online within this past three weeks was amazing and traffic pulling. So many people showcased their love for jollof rice by making creative designs out of it. Some actively followed every design posted by the Knorr social media admin.

Looking at how much creativity was put into that competition, I interviewed a few participants who had outstanding designs like the participant who designed a bicycle, Uriemu Onome and The participant who designed a winking Smiley, Aladesuru Damilola.

Aladesuru Damilola: The Winking Jollof Rice:

img_20160910_133411    I thank God who is the source on the inspiration behind the winking jollof rice. Last week Tuesday, while I was searching for social media accounts of food industries that can help promote my blog, I visited the knorr Nigeria Facebook. Going through their timeline, I noticed an ongoing jollof rice competition. Looking at all entries so far, a voice inside of me said “why not give it a try?” At that moment, I knew I was going to do it and I began to think of ideas.

Throughout my period of thinking that evening I only got an idea of including moimoi in my own jollof rice since none of the entrants had included moimoi in their recipe yet. I went to bed not knowing what design to make of the jollof rice but I was assured by that same voice that told me to give it a try that, whatever I designed was going to win the competition. In school the next day and after our demonstration on the farm, while I sat, resting and waiting for a lecturer, I remembered the competition but oops! I didn’t even have money for ingredients.

I walked up to a few friends to ask if they could help with 500 naira and from the fourth person I approached, I got the money. I took a sit right beside the lady that gave me the money, with my jotter and pen, I thought of what design to make. The inner voice came again, asked “what about making a Smiley” and I smiled, drew a sketch, showed the lady and asked her if it looked like a Smiley and she said “waow! It does”.

She stared at the paper for like 20seconds, she went back to chatting on whatsapp and at that point, I remembered just how blessed whatsapp is with Smileys. I requested if I could use her phone for a moment and she offered it. I scanned through the Smileys there and yes! I found the perfect Smiley; the winking one. I sketched it out, asked her what she thought. This time around, I got a bigger “Wow” and I rejoiced in my heart cause I knew as long as I made that design well, I was  going to be among the winners.

Not long after did the lecturer come in and as I listened to him, I lablelled the sketch. Identifying what ingredient to use for each part; the face was the rice, the closed eye, the pupil of the opened eye and the lips, plantain. The tongue; moimoi but I was unable to decide what best would form the white part of the eye, egg albumen? I didn’t know. “When I get home, I’d try it, if it doesn’t work,we’d try cabbage”, I told myself.

After class, I went to the mallam who sold the salad vegetables. I saw cucumber in his wheel barrow and immediately, the white part,of the eye got its best material. I bought the ingredients, particularly choosing a cucumber well shaped for the job ahead. I went to my room and took a very short nap before I got to the business of cooking and just as I was about to start, God sent an angel. A neighbor came in and I told him I was about to prepare jollof rice with salad and moimoi. He offered to help as long as he was going to eat part of the food.

Spending nothing less than three hours in the kitchen, we made the winking jollof rice, took the picture. Not knowing whether to upload the image at that moment or wait till the final day of submission, a friend, Tolani who came in after the whole cooking process asked “what if someone makes something better than yours and submits ahead of you?”

I submitted at around 8pm, 24hours later, I visited @knorrnigeria page on Facebook, found my winking jollof rice with a tag “5 winners will emerge this week” and I was amazed. I didn’t know why but I jumped and thanked God, ran out to show Tolani what my eyes saw. She seemed not to understand the meaning of the message ascribed to the image but I explained to her. “These people just posted my submission on their page, it means the design amazed them and thus I might win”.

As joyful and anxious as I was, waiting for Friday to come and for them to officially announce winners. Some bits of doubt came in like “what if you don’t win?” But I won. Through it all, through all the comments and accolades, I knew I wasn’t the one that birthed that design, it was God. If it was me, everything wouldn’t have worked out so smoothly and perfect like that. And in this regard, I want you to know that “Every good and perfect idea is from God”

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