How to Prepare the Delicious Nigerian Banga soup
  1. To prepare banga soup, boil the palm fruit till soft and then, pound in a mortar to extract the palm fruit juice. After extracting the juice, add some hot water and squeeze chaff to extract more juice. This is so as to get the maximum quantity of juice as you can from the fruit.
  2. Pour the juice in a pot, add meat, tiko and several selected smoked fish varieties which could include cray fish
  3. Add pepper and allow to boil. Fresh pepper adds to the flavour of the soup hence, it’s more recommended than dried pepper
  4. Add your desired banga spices to the soup in tablespoonfuls
  5. Allow it to boil and also taste the spices in the palm fruit extract
  6. Add some seasoning cubes and salt
  7. Once the soups has thickened a little, you then add the fresh or dried fish. Also add periwinkles and other seafood of choice.
  8. Lower the heat after, sprinkle dried bitter leaf roughly in the soup and cover to cook for a while
  9. Still on low heat, let the soup cook until it is thick. After this, your soup is done and you can enjoy Banga soup with starch, eba or fufu