Soy milk recipe

How to Prepare Soy Milk Drink at Home

Soy milk is non-diary milk made from soybeans and it is a good milk alternative for individuals two do not consume dairy or animal products. As good of a substitute as it is, it should be noted that the taste of cow milk is different from soy milk. However, the amazing health benefits of soy milk make me cherish this milk drink so much.

As a foodie, I’ve got three top drinks that you can offer me any day and you can be sure that I would not only accept but be super grateful for. First is sweetened or unsweetened yoghurt with active live culture, second is soy milk and third is malt drink.

Whenever I get really exhausted after work, I opt for soy milk to calm my body and help me get adequate rest due to its tryptophan content. I like malt drinks because they energize me while keeping me off caffeine and maintaining low-calorie. Also, yoghurt offers some of the benefits that soy milk offers because of its milk content but beyond that, it contains probiotics that are of high importance for the immune system and the female body as those active bacteria present in yoghurt help in preventing yeast infection.

The only brand of soy milk that I enjoy is Vitamilk. On days when I’m not taking this brand of milk drink, I go to the market, purchase some soybeans and prepare my homemade soy milk using the recipe shared below. The recipe is very easy requiring four main steps: soaking, blending, cooking and cooling. The soaking takes an average of 12 hours. Ideally, if you want to cook the drink during the early hours of the day, you should have the beans soaked the night before and if you want to prepare the drink at night, soak the beans in the morning.

For blending, you can use a commercial blending machine or if you are an indoor and punctilious person like me who often questions the process involved in making their food, you can use a high-power over the counter blender in your kitchen.

The cooking process is the part that I think can be a bit strenuous in that the milk requires continuous stirring to prevent it from sticking to the pot thus, burning. However, if you think you have a solution to do this, kindly share with us using the comment section of this post.

With the recipe below, you can enjoy homemade soy milk with some crunchy buttermilk cookies or oatmeal cookies, a low sugar option.

soy milk

Soy Milk

Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 1 hr
Soak Time 12 hrs
Total Time 14 hrs
Course Drinks
Servings 5 liters


  • A bowl to soak soybeans
  • A heavy-duty blender
  • Muslin cloth
  • Pot


  • 3 cups Soybeans
  • 5 liters Water
  • 1 cup Sugar


  • Destone the soybeans
  • Soak beans in water for 12hours
  • Rinse soybeans out of the water and rinse with fresh water
  • Blend the beans with sufficient amount of water until a smooth paste is achieved
  • Pour bean paste into a muslin cloth, add some more water and filter the soy milk from the shaft.
  • Pour filtered soy milk into a pot and cook for one hour, stirring continuously to prevent the milk from sticking to the pot and burning
  • Add sugar or sweetener to your taste
  • Allow to cool, serve, and refrigerate for not more than 4 days.
  • Enjoy
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