golden melon seeds are edible

Golden Melon Seeds and Other Edible Seeds

On my popular post, 10 Important facts about golden melon, there has been a lot of questions about the edibility of the golden melon seeds. Hence, I find it necessary that we answer the question, “is golden melon seed edible?” If yes, should you include it in your diet?

Fruits usually contain a rich amount of nutrients which are often in their seeds as well. However, edibility is limited in some fruit parts because of the quantity of toxic chemicals that they can contain. Similar­ to what we have in humans where certain microbes such as bacteria are present to fight against microbes that could lead to diseases and aid quite a number of processes such as digestion, plants have toxic chemicals that help them to fight predatory microorganisms that could have destroyed them in the process of growing. These chemicals are categorized into various groups of metabolites, alkaloids, terpenes, phenolics, and can be generally called phytotoxins.

Certain kinds of these phytotoxins can be dangerous for humans especially when consumed in large quantities. While a large chunk of some of these phytotoxins is destroyed during food processing such as sun drying, cooking, thawing, etc. In some cases, no ideal food processing technique is able to eliminate the toxins present in certain plant parts to make them consumable.

Based on this, some plant parts are classified as edible while others are not edible. This is why it is important that you understand the chemical composition of every strange fruit and vegetable that you come across. Be sure to identify what’s unique about it and why it’s uncommon like known popular fruits.

For instance, in the ackee apple which is a National fruit in Jamaica, only the fruit pulp which is known as aril is edible, the seed and pop of this fruit are not edible. Eating them can lead to what is known as ‘Jamaican Vomiting Disease’.

Among several fruits whose seeds are edible, we have watermelon, pumpkin, peach, golden melon, melon, and so forth. Seeds of cucurbitaceous plants are packed with vital compound and nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, a high percentage of fibre, some protein as well as fat.

Melon is rich in oil and protein and is often used for soup as in egusi in Nigeria. Watermelon seeds are common among fruit lovers, they are known for their fibre content and for consumption, it can be chewed with the fruit or blended along with a smoothie. Personally, I prefer seeds in smoothies but, for golden melon which is quite dense in moisture, I enjoy the crunchiness when eaten along with a fresh slice of the fruit.

More so, seeds of most food plants that belong to the Cucurbitaceae family which golden melon belongs are well enjoyed when slightly roasted.

According to Animashaun (2014), golden melon seeds could be used to enrich soup and complement other products in order to improve the protein content. It is rich in mineral elements that aid digestion, the formation of strong bone, teeth and hemoglobin formation. The oil of golden melon is edible and non-rancid.

Another benefit of these seeds is that they are low in calories with a handful of watermelon seeds containing just about 23 calories. Golden melon seeds contain lesser fat and lesser calories.

What can I do with melon seeds?

Melon seeds can be roasted.

To roast seeds is quite easy. Set your oven at about 160°c and place the seeds on a baking sheet. Roast for about 7- 15 minutes depending on which seed. 7 minutes for seeds like golden melon and 15 minutes for watermelon. While roasting, sprinkle a little olive oil, salt, sugar, cinnamon, or any other desired seasoning to improve the taste of the seeds.

Also, stir the seeds intermittently to ensure an even crispiness.

Have you eaten golden melon or watermelon seeds? What’s your opinion on them? Did you use the roasting method? Give a shout out in the comment section by stating your favorite fruit seeds?

Reference: Animashaun, Oluwatoyin & Orelaja, Oluwaseun. (2014). Nutritional Composition and Oil Characteristics of Golden Melon (Cucumis melo) Seeds. Food Science and Quality Management. 27. 18-21.

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