How to Make Golden Fried Rice by Sautéing

Foodiedame- golden Fried rice recipe

In using this method, three actions are important: Sauteing onions as a base for rice: Doing this prevents it from easily sticking to the bottom of the pot, and gives it the sweet flavor of onions which contributes to the overall taste of the fried rice. Adding salt to onions when frying: this is a process that helps to draw out moisture from the onions. Washing rice with salt: This is an age-long method of reducing the starch level in rice. Typically, the process washes off some starch present in the rice into the water used for washing.

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DIY- Use Recipe to Prepare Chinese Fried Rice At Home

I was going through my gallery when I found the pictures I snapped the last time I prepared the Chinese fried rice that I took at a restaurant months back. I’ve posted my Chinese restaurant gist here before so, I won’t bore you with it again. The last time I posted about it, I dropped just the recipe of the …

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Nigerian Fried Rice And Beans Recipe

I am a really big fan of fried rice especially when its well cooked but not marshy. The awesomeness of fried rice rich in vegetables is like heaven. But, about two months ago, on a beautiful sabbath with my vegetarian sister and friend, I prepared a food, unique in it’s kind and taste; Fried rice and beans. When they came …

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