5 Superb Smoothie Recipes and Why You Should Take Them

“Our earliest ancestors built their diets entirely of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, legumes, and nuts.”-Encyclopedia of Food In the world today, it is quite easy for us to put fruits and vegetables away because there are many other edible things aside them. There are biscuits, cakes, cookies, chocolates and other food made from flour of different kinds. Although, some of …

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15 Amazing Egg Recipes You Definitely Want To Try

There are hundreds of ways to prepare an egg. Someone somewhere could be familiar with 5 methods, maybe I know 10 or Google has 100, no one is an island of knowledge. So, I did my research on egg recipes and found loads of them but as food is, some ingredients at arm-reach, others at distant places thus, not all …

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The French Macaron Experience


So, I made french macarons or better still, I tried to make them after seing videos and checking blogs for how to make French macarons. I had seen them a couple of times on food blogs and they looked really nice to add to Nigerians’ list of pastries. But I am not so optimistic about that. In my attempt, I …

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The Perfect Cupcake Recipe

chocolate cupcakes

Cupcakes are cuties! More especially when topped with frosting. You can’t but fall in love with them. I recently got on the path of cupcakes making and I’m so in love with the art right now. I don’t really know. But, maybe because it’s less tasking as compared to  making a big cake, covering it with frosting, smoothening, blablabla. In …

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Carrot Cabbage Prawn Soup

I visited a Chinese restaurant few weeks ago and they served me this soup that contained carrot, cabbage, green bell pepper and chicken as it’s major ingredients. I stared at it on awe, tasted it and felt the awesomeness so, I decided to try it out at home. Chicken wasn’t available so, I used prawn and I got a bam! …

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Healthy and Delicious Spaghetti Vegetale For Dinner

Spaghetti Vegetale is a healthy and delicious meal with low calorie content that can be served at dinner with grilled chicken and red wine. Although the list of ingredients seem long, the preparation is in a relatively short time and the cooking process, simple. More so, the recipe gives room for variability. The Scotch bonnet(known as as ‘ata rodo’ in …

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Top 10 Nigerian Foods With Sumptuous Aroma

Every food has it’s unique aroma. That’s why you can tell when your neighbour is preparing vegetable soup or when she’s preparing noodles. The aroma reaches the nose before the food reaches the mouth thus, the sense of smell explores our food before we eat it. Smell does to discover and enjoy food as much as taste. If a food …

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Nigerian Fried Rice And Beans Recipe

I am a really big fan of fried rice especially when its well cooked but not marshy. The awesomeness of fried rice rich in vegetables is like heaven. But, about two months ago, on a beautiful sabbath with my vegetarian sister and friend, I prepared a food, unique in it’s kind and taste; Fried rice and beans. When they came …

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How To Make Clove Basil Beef Stew

The major ingredients for Clove Basil ‘Beef Stew’ includes Beef and Clove Basil leaves. Clove basil, Ocimum gratissimum is a plant with high nutritional value. It has anti oxidating and anti aging properties as well as ability to reduce inflammation and swelling. More so, it possess characteristic strong clove scent because of its high concentration of the chemical agent eugenol. …

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