Nigerian Soups

How to Cook Groundnut Soup

Nigerian groundnut soup

My first encounter with groundnut soup was at a former place of work where my boss always ate white rice accompanied with plain groundnut sauce and fish stew. The sauce had a rich taste of groundnut which was a little spicy and made a great fit for the white rice. This plain groundnut sauce is quite different from the Edo …

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How to Prepare the Best Nigerian Banga Soup:Ofe Akwu

Banga soup by banga republic

Several countries of Africa are known for several soup delicacies, from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, Cameroon and others, we have soups such as egusi, fisherman’s soup, groundnut soup, etc. Among these delicious delicacies is a special Nigerian soup; Banga. Banga soup, which is also known as Ofe Akwu has been a most consumed and famous dish in Eastern part of …

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How To Make Gbegiri (Bean Soup)


Gbegiri is a typical Yoruba soup whose primary ingredient is beans. Some parts of Yoruba land usually take this soup with ewedu while others take it ordinary or seasoned with bitter leaf (ewuro). Along side ewedu, it is a signatory soup of the people of Oyo state, Nigeria. They take the soup with a meal called ‘amala’. Gbegiri is rich …

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