5 Reasons Why You Need a Non-Stick Pan

I got my first ever Non-stick pan in 2016. I wanted to partake in Peak Milk’s cooking competition where I was to make an omelette and I didn’t have a frying pan. Prior to that period, as a student, I did all my frying inside a small pot. However, for the purpose of the competition and because of some other 5 reasons why everyone needs a non-stick pan, I gladly spent a large chunk of my weekly allowance to get the pan. At the end of the day, I made that omelette, won the competition and earned myself a beautiful complete set of non-stick cookware.

Peak Milk omelette by Foodiedame in 2016

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Non-stick Pan

  1. Non-stick pans help you to achieve your goal of better health by cutting down on your fat usage and consequently, consumption. One of the most detrimental food that we all struggle to cut down on is Fat. Fat is inherent in almost all the major foods that we eat as humans. They are especially present in the starchy ones which we love the most.

    Fat is also a major ingredient for fried foods which many of us enjoy with so much passion. From fried chicken to fried chicken, french fries, akara, puffpuff, doughnut and many other snacks, you find a very small chunk of food swimming in lots of oil simply because “what is fried chicken without the crispiness?”

    For some of these foods, we can’t do without frying them in much oil. But, with a non-stick pan, you can reduce oil usage in a good number of recipes. With one tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan, you can fry 1-2 large eggs and they’ll come off without being burnt to the pan unlike when you use a sticky stainless pan and have to pour about a half cup of oil just so the eggs don’t get burnt. Also, with about 2 tablespoons of good quality oil, you can pan-fry fish or chicken and achieve something delicious and healthier than your deep-fried fish or chicken.

  2. Non-stick pans do not stick and so, even when you prepare a meal that easily gets stuck to the pot, it still comes off easily. For instance, a non-stick pan would serve well in preparing meal such as plantain fufu which has to be stirred continuously while it cooks. It can get stuck to a stainless steel pot during this process but, with non-stick, you can stir and cook the plantain well, not fearing any major stickiness to your pot.

  3. They give your food a beautiful form and appearance. Making perfect golden pancakes is one of the reasons why everyone must have a non-stick pan. If you use a non-stick pan to prepare pancake using this heart-warming pancake recipe, you do not need to oil your pan and you will be amazed at how nice, smooth and golden the outer part of the pancake would be.

    Your omelette also comes off super nice when you use a non-stick pot. Par adventure you are preparing food that requires flipping, this kind of pan makes the process of flipping really easy. You don’t have to fight taekwondo with your spatula and the pan just so the food can come off for you to flip.

  4. There’s an elegance that non-stick cookware sets come with. When you take pictures of foods in them, they appear really classy and nice. They also are modern cookware sets that add the modern spark to your kitchen. As a matter of fact, in Nigeria, non-stick pots were first noticed in houses of elites and rich people. They used to be expensive and require such carefulness in maintenance that can seem like so much investment for the average man.

  5. Non-stick pans are easy to clean. Because of the fact that food hardly gets stuck to the surface of non-stick pots, they are super easy to wash.
    In the fourth point, when I mentioned maintenance, you probably wondered what kind of maintenance could feel so much like investment. Hold tight to your phone and read on.

How to maintain non-stick pan:

  • The first commandment of the non-stick cookware is that you should not for any reason use a metal or sharp utensil in them. The day you buy your nonstick pot, also purchase a set of wooden or plastic utensils like the spoon, spatula, etc. The metal utensils can scratch the cookware and damage the coating.
  • Do not scrub with an iron sponge. Just as you should not use metal utensils, scrubbing with a metal sponge for any reason defeats the purpose of a non-stick ware. If on any occasion, you left your food on the cooker for hours and it actually got burnt, add some salt and water to the pot and allow to sit for some minutes, the food will come off.
  • Always check the handles of your cookware and screw the nuts properly. If you don’t pay attention to the handles of your pot, you might just find out that your pan no longer has a handle. This is particularly common with frying pans and the covers of non-stick wares.
  • When using a non-stick pot, do not cook on high heat. Firstly because it’s actually not safe to cook on high heat. Secondly, high heat damages the outer look of every pot. Thirdly and most importantly, that peculiar coating on the surface of non-stick cookware is made from a chemical known as Teflon. When you overheat your pan, the coating may begin to break down to release particles and gases, some of which are toxic and harmful.

    When a group that carried out laboratory analysis of non-stick cookware were asked about their safety, Robert L. Wolke, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and the author of What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained said,

“They are safe as long as they’re not overheated. When they are, the coating may begin to break down (at the molecular level, so you wouldn’t necessarily see it), and toxic particles and gases, some of them carcinogenic, can be released.”

I know that the above fact might be scary but there’s only one implication; do not cook on high heat.

Be like Foodiedame by taking care of your kitchen wares jealously like they are precious because they are actually precious.

Best Non-stick Frying Pans From Consumer Reports’ Tests

If you are considering getting a non-stick pan, below are some good recommendations based on Consumer Reports.

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