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4 Reasons Why a Blogger Stopped Blogging

Recently, I published a blogpost about achee apple, the dangerously delicious fruit which is the national fruit of Jamaica. While considering publishing another blog post, it occurred to me that I actually stopped blogging for a while and my readers deserve an explanation. So, grab your coffee and enjoy reading about the last 2 years of my life during which I have been inconsistent with blogging.

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A photo of me one morning before rounding up my dissertation
  • In 2018, I found myself in the final year of my undergraduate studies and apparently, I had to carry out some research work known as dissertation which made me stop my food business and other food-related hobbies so as to ace this dissertation and probably get the best result in my class. Well, after completion, I didn’t stay back in school to find out who had the best result. I made my distinction, that was satisfying enough and I am always proud of it.

    It sometimes appears annoying to praise oneself but, it’s actually important to learn to appraise yourself moderately as long as you also open yourself to learning from your mistakes. It’s important because no one would love and appreciate you more than you love and appreciate yourself. Praise yourself when you have worked hard and earned yourself something worthy.
  • After the whole dissertation phase, I got a job and experienced working in a corporate environment for the first time. It was a daunting experience. The only sweet memory I had was grabbing a cup of moist chocolate cake after work once a week. That cupcake always made going to work worth it since I didn’t have the time to make myself nice treats where I lived.
  • I proceeded to spend approximately 11months in Oro town of Kwara state volunteering my precious life to serve Nigeria through NYSC- National Youth Service Corps. This period was remarkable and although I am one of those people who consider NYSC unnecessary, I am also a good preacher of maximizing whatever resources you have at hand.

    Read 8 amazing things I did to maximise time availability during NYSC.
Foodiedame Blogger
A photo of me on my NYSC POP day

One of my best NYSC experience was during preparation for the 2019 election. We had a series of orientation programmes and on one occasion, while we stood in the school-field waiting for certain government officials to address us, a boy walked up to me from nowhere. He tapped me and said in Yoruba, “aunty, please I have been sent out of class because I do not have a notebook to write.” I looked at him and felt like a saviour hurt by the social inequality that exists in every sector of Nigeria.

To save the day like I always do, I asked him to lead me to his classroom. I got there and asked to see his class teacher to help me understand better what this boy has told me. From the teachers narrative, I figured the problem was less of the school’s but more of the home from which he came.

Apparently, that wasn’t the first time he was asked of that book but his parents had not been able to do anything about it. Then, I was informed that the mom works in the school chapel. “oh, nice!”, I snapped and asked that the boy lead me to his mom. Only for us to get there and be told that the mother had just left the church. It was unbelievable so, I searched around the church.

You know, I could have easily given this boy money for the book the moment he walked up to me but, the mastermind in me wanted to know why a primary schoolboy was left with the option of walking up to a random stranger to ask for help. That is not a safe move in such a highly insecured society that we live in. He probably had the confidence that I was a corp member- a federal identity and would not hurt him but notwithstanding, I wanted to know the origin of the situation.

Unfortunately, I could not meet his mom so we went back to the class, I paid for the book and got to know that the teacher is from the next town to my hometown.

Later on, when I had the opportunity to nominate a school for one of our SDGs community development projects, I nominated that school and my group visited, educated the students about the internet and gifted the school some resources. I met the young boy again and tipped him for lunch. I know that it’s not like I am superman but I really cherish the fact that I could be of help to a young schoolboy and I will forever cherish the memory.

Moreso, during NYSC, I lived well with my semo and efo riro addiction, jumped at every pounded yam opportunity that I got at least once a month and showed off my culinary skill by making the best pancakes for close pals. You might not believe how charming pancakes are until you try mine. Although it couldn’t save my short term NYSC relationship when the guy and I had a fight, it sure got him charmed every time he visited.

Get my secret pancake recipe here.

  • I began working after NYSC and it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, a typical demonstration of what life is all about.

However, in my diary, I have a beautiful list of recipes and stories to share with you in coming weeks and I am excited to be back from a year-long break off my blog.

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