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1 Strawberry Smoothie Recipe and 6 Basic Needs for Happiness

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If strawberry was human, it would be one of those people who appear to have it all like they were made for greatness from scratch. Strawberry would also fit as the uncle or aunt that everyone loves so much. They have a beautiful body, their voice is the best thing we would ever get to listen to, they do their jobs in such a perfect way and we want them to show up every holiday. Happiness is important to everyone and these folks just seem to have a way to make us happy. They listen and are able to relate to every situation we talk to them about. In life, we are often struggling to find something new to make us happy; in humans, in foods, in places, things, our jobs, everywhere. We just keep searching. In this post, I talk about 1 strawberry smoothie recipe and 6 basic needs for happiness, a good summary of what we keep searching for in everything around us and a closing strawberry smoothie recipe that can definitely make you happy.

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I have a friend who is like a therapist to me. He is one of those friends with who I am vulnerable when it comes to psychological struggles. He is a fan of Tony Robbins and every time he gets weary and is struggling to get his emotions together, he goes over this list of needs and tries to figure out which is missing and needs fixing. He told me about these needs and I find it truly an entirety of what I am always searching for. So, I am breaking it down here for you.

6 Basic Human Needs for Happiness

  • Certainty

This is the first basic need and a good way to describe it is with the event that occurs at the beginning of every relationship. Someone is in love and just wants to be certain that the other person loves them as well. It is the reason why we hold on to relationships, the reason why our mind goes unsettled after job interviews, why we create routines to give us firm knowledge of what each day would look like. It is why some people like me like to work alone. I trust myself but not the other person enough. I know my abilities so, I have absolute certainty in the kind of results to expect when I do things myself. We all need certainty, it makes us happy and we seek it in different ways. We get it by learning how to do things, by having faith, by doing things the same way.

  • Uncertainty

This one is a funny dilemma that God imposed on us. Totally opposite of our first need but just as important. A good illustration of this is when people choose not to commit. They want to know that they have options, that if this relationship doesn’t work, they don’t need a lawyer to end things. Certainty bores us and so we need uncertainty. When we seek to leave our comfort zone, our home, our country to search for ourselves in other places, what we seek is uncertainty because you never completely know how things will turn out and this feeds your dopamine which gives you pleasure. The uncertainty that there is more to life than where we are.

  • Significance

Everybody craves significance and according to Tony Robbins, people can seek significance with peace or with violence. In Nigeria, Boko Haram is sadly a significant group. On social media, people make posts that might hurt other people just so they can trend. Significance is part of the reason why it can be difficult for some parents to ease into allowing their children to make decisions on their own. All of this child’s life, they have had to seek the parent’s opinion about their next steps and all of a sudden, the child is doing something without the parent’s awareness and the parent feels betrayed. On and on, we seek significance because we need it but, we should learn to do this positively and find our own ways of deriving significance in ourselves.

  • Connection

According to Brené Brown, connection is about belonging and love. With connection, we can find and fix most of these other needs. But sometimes, we have certainty but not connection. When connection is missing, we don’t feel happy. You get this feeling like you are in the wrong place or you are doing the wrong thing. My connection to blogging increased one day when I was troubled, so, I Google searched and found some blogpost of someone who went through exactly what I was going through. That day, I felt so connected to this author and decided to write my own experience on so that in years to come, some college student in need of connection would also find my blogpost.

  • Growth and Contribution

Growth and contribution are two needs that make you feel ultimately fulfilled. When you find certainty from your job and get uncertainty from receiving promotions at work whereby you don’t know what to expect, when you get significance and connection by having several followers on social media, two things will make you suck and always, you’ll feel like there’s still something missing. That’s growth and contribution. It’s why you get bored, unhappy and disconnected even while you are doing something you think you love. Again, according to Tony Robbins, you can win over this by being a team player.

Being a team player gives you people in your life who you have to always consider when taking certain actions. Be it at work, home, school or anywhere. You will realize that when you don’t feel like a part of the team at your workplace or school, you unconsciously slip into a zone where you are uninterested in learning the things that others are learning. Your performance slips and you are not happy enough to care.

When you belong to a team, you literally have all 6 needs met. The certainty that you have some people always with you, the uncertainty that you don’t know how these people are going to reciprocate the things you do for them, you get significance by simply being called upon by them when they need your help, assign you a task, engage with you, etc. And you get connection from your relationship with them. But more importantly, being a team player forces you to grow. For you to become more significant in your team, you are compelled to learn to carry out your responsibilities better, act towards your teammates better, and when you grow, you contribute and voila! Happiness knocks on your door.

We often do more for others than we do for themselves. Find something you care about and people that do these things or take time to make things work with the people who have been in your life. Find your team and embrace them because this will push you to grow since you feel the strong compulsion to cooperate with them. Also, help other people to find happiness by being a positive team member. Don’t be that employer or teammate who does not know how to appreciate others. This is very common in workspaces and it hurts. After quitting because you feel insufficient, your fellow colleagues come back to tell you that no one could fill your role after you left and you discover that you weren’t actually bad at your job. Every team leader has a greater chance of retaining team members when they help teammates to get fulfilment from what they do. All days would not be great, there would be times when you have to chastise and complain but also remember to appreciate them for their contributions and celebrate their growth.

That was longer than I expected but I hope that whenever you feel unhappy or unfulfilled, you are able to narrow down to these 6 basic needs and find a way to fix what is missing. Give yourself time, a team that supports you and while you take hold of how you feel, you certainly would need this strawberry smoothie to save the day.

strawberry banana yoghurt

Strawberry Banana Yoghurt Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry is that multi-potential fruit which is perfect as a gift, can be coated with chocolate and presented during valentine, can be used for sauce or jam and it can sit pretty or manage the edge of any cake. This smoothie is endearing because it contains strawberry. It is a three-ingredient recipe and can be whipped up in 10 minutes. 5 minutes to chop the fruits, 2 minutes to blend and 3 minutes to clean up.
Prep Time 10 mins
Servings 1 person


  • A blender or smoothie maker


  • 2 large Strawberries
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 tablespoon Yoghurt


  • Wash the fruits and chop them into a flat plate
  • Pour the chopped fruits into the blending jar and add 2 tablespoons of yoghurt. The yoghurt should be put at the base just on top of the blades, then the banana and the strawberries topmost.
  • Puree the mix twice or thrice for 30 seconds.
  • Shake the blending jar to further mix the smoothie and then, serve.
  • For an extra chilled smoothie, freeze strawberry and banana prior to blending or store smoothie in the refridgerator for some minutes before taking it.
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  1. It wasn’t just the smoothie that blended well. The article blends well too. Thanks for the insight girl, enjoyed reading to the last bits💕

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